The Global Reach of ICPC


Because of the worldwide network of relationships ICPC has built, we have an ever-increasing opportunity to communicate with faithful men and women and thousands of law enforcement agencies about the importance of establishing and supporting chaplaincies to allow well-trained chaplains to provide spiritual support and encouragement to the officers who serve their communities.

Read below to learn more about the organization we have set up to support that effort.

Global Organization

Around the globe, ICPC represents almost 2,500 law enforcement chaplains in 15 countries. 

To provide support for chaplains and their agencies worldwide, ICPC members serve as Regional Directors for 12 regions. Contact the ICPC office for assistance in reaching out to one of the Regional Directors listed below.

Regional Directors


  • Region 1 (Canada): Chaplain Bruce Ewanyshyn 
  • Region 2 (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming): Darryl Russell
  • Region 3 (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota): Chaplain Kevin Norton
  • Region 4 (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin): Chaplain Robert Vester
  • Region 5 (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont): Chaplain Debra Grow
  • Region 6 (Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah): Chaplain J. Wayne Chaisson
  • Region 7 (Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas): Chaplain Mike Hardgrove
  • Region 8 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia): Chaplain Glenn Davenport
  • Region 9 (Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Area): Chaplain Keoki Awai
  • Region 10 (Europe): Vacant
  • Region 11 (Africa): Chaplain Mabvuto Fitta Chipeta
  • Region 12 (Caribbean, Central America, and South America): Chaplain Lenford Newell

ICPC in the USA

In the United States, ICPC represents more than 2,000 law enforcement chaplains in hundreds of agencies.

To provide support for chaplains and their agencies in the USA, ICPC members serve as Area Representatives in all 50 states. Contact the ICPC office for assistance in reaching out to one of the Area Representatives listed below.

Area Representatives in the United States

  • Alabama: Chaplains Larry Zane Smith and Adolph South
  • Alaska: Chaplain Diane Peterson
  • Arizona: Chaplain Andrew Root
  • Arkansas: Chaplains Tamra Gore and Robert Box
  • California (North): Chaplain Don Higgins
  • California (South): Chaplain Douglas Duke
  • District of Columbia: Deb O’Neil Lewis
  • Delaware: Chaplain Sheryl Allston
  • Florida (North): Chaplains Michael Zarle, Walter Person, and Reggie May
  • Florida (Northwest): Chaplain Larry Carter
  • Florida (South): Chaplains Robert Fountain and Michael Calderin
  • Georgia: Chaplain Charles Houston
  • Idaho: Chaplain Ron McMurray
  • Illinois: Chaplain Richard Worshill
  • Indiana: Chaplain Ken Arnold
  • Iowa: Chaplain Steven Goodenough
  • Kansas: Chaplain Charles Wooten
  • Louisiana: Chaplain James Myrick
  • Maine: Chaplains Benjamin Wetherill II and J. Trent Boyd
  • Maryland: Chaplains Gwen Bankins and Stan Nelson
  • Michigan: Chaplain William Bell
  • Minnesota: Chaplain Larry Reedy
  • Mississippi: Chaplain David Szatkowski
  • Missouri: Chaplain Michael Reighard
  • Montana: Chaplain Warren Hiebert
  • Nebraska: Chaplain Daniel Stephens
  • New Hampshire: Chaplain Debra Grow
  • New Jersey: Chaplains Melvin Wilson and James Davis 
  • New Mexico: Chaplain Jeff Carr
  • New York: Chaplain David Piatt
  • North Carolina: Chaplain Lee Smith
  • North Dakota: Chaplain Gregory Carr
  • Ohio: Chaplain Glenn George Jr.
  • Oklahoma: Chaplain Wayne Hume
  • Oregon: Chaplain Tiffany Lloyd
  • Pennsylvania: Chaplains Pamela Johnson and Paul Randolph
  • Puerto Rico: Chaplain Calik Rivera
  • South Carolina: Chaplains Bill Youngblood and Anthony Giunta
  • South Dakota: Chaplain Lorien Petersen
  • Tennessee: Chaplain Richard Everett
  • Texas (South): Chaplain Donna Marie Kleman
  • Texas (North): Chaplains Dan Chapman and Dan Graham
  • Texas (West): Chaplain Keith Woodard
  • Utah: Chaplain Randall Mansfield
  • Vermont: Chaplain David Piatt
  • Virginia: Chaplains Robert Johnson and Kenneth Ruppar
  • Washington (East): Chaplain Ron McMurray
  • Washington (West): Chaplain Charles Scoma
  • Wisconsin: Chaplain Archer Leupp
  • Wyoming: Chaplain Gordon Harper