Contact Information and Policy Info


Explore the information shown here to learn how to contact ICPC, learn more about ICPC's leadership team, and explore specific procedures designed to help ICPC serve officers and chaplains as effectively as possible.

We welcome you to contact our office anytime to access member services or learn more about how ICPC can support you.
The current team of executive officers was elected at the ICPC Annual Conference in July 2023 and is serving a two-year term.
The ICPC Auxiliary exists to encourage members to grow in faith, affirm their gifts, and support one another in their calling.

Providers of goods and services are encouraged to share information at ICPC events about the goods and services they offer.

ICPC accepts payment methods that offer options for paying membership dues and fees for training events. 

Learn how information is collected from you through the ICPC website, how it is used, and with whom it may be shared.