Learning and Development Opportunities


A key element of a chaplain's qualifications and qualities for service with a law enforcement agency is his or her willingness to be actively involved in learning and development activities, such as the training programs offered by ICPC and their agencies. Explore the information shown here to learn more about ICPC's basic training courses for chaplains and liaison officers, the ICPC Annual Training Seminar, and ICPC Regional Training Seminars.

ICPC's Annual Training Seminar is specifically intended to prepare law enforcement chaplains for their specialized work.
ICPC's Regional Training Seminars bring basic training courses and other specialized training to locations closer to you.

ICPC's basic training for liaison officers provides guidance for officers who lead their agencies' chaplaincy programs. 

ICPC's basic training for chaplains has provided guidance for many agencies that have developed training programs.

Upcoming Training

Enroll in a Regional Training Seminar or the Annual Training Seminar to continue to develop the knowledge and skills you need to serve effectively as a law enforcement chaplain.