Basic Training Courses for Chaplains


In general, training for law enforcement chaplains is not prescribed by law or by custom. Training for the purpose of credentialing is offered by ICPC and has provided guidance for many agencies that have developed training programs. ICPC's Chaplain Basic Courses are currently offered at its Annual Training Seminar and Regional Training Seminars. Completing all 10 Chaplain Basic Courses provides 1.5 of the 3.5 CEUs required when applying for the Chaplain Basic Credential.

Contact the ICPC office if you have additional questions.

Understanding Law Enforcement Chaplaincy


This course provides comprehensive and detailed instructions for understanding the purpose of law enforcement chaplaincy programs and items to consider when starting a chaplaincy program. This course also identifies differences between clergy and chaplains and specific items chaplains should do (and not do) when serving their agencies. Course Code: CB01-R21

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Basics


This course will provide comprehensive and detailed instruction in many basic elements of law enforcement chaplaincy. This course will include instruction and exercises in sensitivity and diversity, suggestions and recommendations in being relevant to, and connecting with, the agency and the officers whom the chaplain will serve and will provide detailed instruction in the participation of ride-alongs and law enforcement agency ceremonies and events, including law enforcement funerals. Course Code: CB02-R21

Legal Aspects of Chaplaincy


This course will provide comprehensive and detailed instruction in the legal aspects of chaplaincy. This course will include instruction in the disciplines of confidentiality, liability, officer and chaplain ethics as well as the legalities that surround sensitivity and diversity in regard to civil and political rights. Instruction will also be given regarding ICPC’s Canon of Ethics. Course Code: CB03-R21 

Law Enforcement Family


This course will provide comprehensive and detailed instruction in the many basic elements of what the law enforcement family is. This course will include instruction in the stages of the law enforcement career, identify unique stressors that affect the families of Law enforcement officers as well as stressors unique to the law enforcement career that bond officers into the thin blue line family. Course Code: CB04-R21

Responding to the Call-out


This course helps chaplains identify a variety of crisis situations commonly encountered by law enforcement officials, as well as potential responses. You'll receive comprehensive and detailed instruction in responding to call-outs and a chaplain’s response before, during, and after a crisis situation. Course Code: CB05-R21

Characteristics of Stress


Law enforcement officers have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Our job as chaplains is to help them identify those stressors and manage them in a positive way that will help them be more productive in not only their careers but their family lives as well. This course gives chaplains tools to help identify the types of stress officers may be going through, signs of burnout, trauma, and PTSD. You will also be able to help your officers become more resilient and understand that by managing the stressors in their lives they can have healthier careers and families. Course Code: CB06-R21



This course will provide comprehensive and detailed information regarding suicide –reasons why people commit suicide, signs of suicide and other facts to consider to aid in the prevention of suicide. Officer suicide will be addressed as well as practical instruction for chaplains to assist officers within their department and when called upon to respond in the community. Course Code: CB07-R21

Department or Agency Incidents


This course provides comprehensive and detailed instruction regarding chaplain responsibilities during department/agency incidents, such as officer-involved shootings, line-of-duty deaths, and officer injuries. This course also includes detailed instruction in planning and participating in law enforcement funerals and other ceremonies and events chaplains are called upon to assist with. Course Code: CB08-R21

Death Notification


Due to the frequent requests to have law enforcement chaplains perform or participate in the delivery of a death notification, this course provides comprehensive, step-by-step instruction and training in making such notifications. This course defines notification, discusses common and predictable reactions to receiving a death notification, and defines ten steps for conducting death notifications. Additional information and training are included regarding special circumstances and locations in which chaplains are required to perform death notifications. Course Code: CB09-R21

Self-care for Chaplains


This course provides comprehensive instruction in the necessity of taking care of yourself as you serve as a chaplain. This course is designed to lay some fundamental and foundational principles and practices to assist the chaplain with sustainability and resiliency. Course Code: CB10-R21